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The future for bees is bright

Why Consider the BeeHome™

Better for Bees

Better for Bees

Lowers colony loss 
  • Fully remote monitoring, 24/7
  • Thermoregulated environment to help protect against extreme weather
  • Automated feeding, Varroa treatment, and pesticide protection
Better for Business

Better for Business

Reduces labor needs while improving outcomes
  • Improve survival rates
  • Optimize honey production
  • Reduce your labor costs with automated inspection and treatment
Better for You

Better for You

Enhances your existing workflows
  • Compatible with wooden frames you already use
  • Fits on a conventional forklift
  • Transports long-distance via flatbed truck

Meet the BeeHome™

Monitors your Colonies 24/7
AI-powered computer vision counts bees and analyzes frame images, down to individual cells, and then alerts you to any issues. monitors your colonies 24_7
Takes Action Remotely

The robotic arm allows you to equalize hives, automate feeding, and more, all from your phone or desktop.

Frame 605 (1)
Effectively Kills Mites

Our heat chamber kills Varroa with no chemicals and no additional labor required.

Frame 605 (2)
Fits into Your Existing Workflows
The BeeHome can be moved with a conventional forklift and is compatible with wooden frames. Frame 605 (3)
Provides a Better Bee Habitat
The BeeHome protects bees from pesticides with entrances that close remotely and is 6X better insulated than wooden hives. better bee habitat
monitors your colonies 24_7 Frame 605 (1) Frame 605 (2) Frame 605 (3) better bee habitat

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