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The future for bees is bright.

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Why Consider the BeeHome™

Better for

Lowers colony

Inspecting a frame of bees
  • Fully remote monitoring, 24/7
  • Thermoregulated environment to help protect against extreme weather
  • Automated feeding, Varroa treatment, and honey harvesting

Better for Business

Reduces labor needs while increasing honey yields

Beewise BeeHome 4
  • Improve survival rates
  • Optimize honey production
  • Reduce your labor costs with automated inspection and treatment

Better for

Enhances your existing workflows

Beewise BeeHome in the field
  • Compatible with the wooden frames you already use
  • Fits on a conventional forklift
  • Hive entrances can be closed remotely prior to pesticide application

Meet the BeeHome™

The Beewise BeeHome's robotic arm extracts a frame of bees
Frame manipulation via robotics
Beewise Beekeeper App
Fully remote 24/7 monitoring
Bee with Varroa
Pest identification and control
Beewise BeeHome 4 on a forklift

Compatibility with conventional wooden frames as well as a standard forklift to conform to your existing workflows.

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