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Pollination with Beewise

Guaranteed peace-of-mind with advanced technology

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Quality Bees, in the Right Quantity, On Time

BeeHomes™ use AI and robotics to optimize bees' care, which improves their health, and in turn helps them be superior pollinators.

With more than 250K hives delivered to growers each year, rest assured that our solution will scale with your business. 

What you get with Beewise

Our obsession is your success.

Smart Logistics

Optimized hive placements and white glove delivery


Reliable Pollination

Remote monitoring & beekeeping ensure healthy, productive colonies


Better Outcomes

Our growers see improved pollination outcomes with Beewise

Climate control: Our vents, adjustable hive volume, and superior insulation all lead to better flight hours and numbers.
Need to spray pesticides? Focus on your crops while we protect the bees, closing hive entrances remotely, in real-time.
BeeHomes are delivered to your property in optimized locations you determine with us via our app.
Our remote beekeeping app allows us to optimize conditions throughout pollination, as well as to provide insights after.
Our technology leads to 70% less colony loss. Stronger bees means more bee activity on your flowers.

Why Work with Beewise?


We're obsessed with bee health.

  • We can ID and address the needs of bees in real-time
  • Bees thrive in our devices, even as US colony losses rise
  • The outcome for growers is stronger pollination activity

Accountability Always

We believe in transparency, even when there's difficulty.

  • Improved logistics & optimized hive drops via app or a call
  • Better efficiency, improved margins
  • Enjoy good service and a lasting relationship


We're a growing company, just like you.

  • Get the help you need from a team of 150+ with 100K+ hives
  • Optimize profit with a premium solution at market rates
  • Use hives designed for pollination at scale 

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