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Beewise aims to staunch the loss of bee colonies with robotics-enabled BeeHome 4

Venture Beat
"BeeHome 4 helps beekeepers pollinate and produce honey all while protecting their bees."

The new BeeHome 4 is both smaller and lighter than previous iterations, fits on a conventional forklift, and fits into existing beekeeping workflows by accommodating standard bee hive frames. These new design features will increase hive mobility, enabling farmers to effortlessly care for millions of bees and ensure seasonal crop pollination. Each home can house around 10 colonies of bees. The whole point is to come up with a solution that works on a global scale, said Saar Safra, CEO and cofounder of Beewise.

This Arab-backed Israeli startup is helping save the world’s bees

Fortune Magazine
"We literally live on the stuff they pollinate."

... a quiet revolution is underway to save the world’s pollinators. It comes in the form of a nondescript tin box, the size of a small container, with bees buzzing around it. The box is the creation of Beewise Technologies ... using artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensors, and advanced robotics to save honeybees—which are dying in droves, thanks largely to human beings—and thus also save the world from starvation.

Can robotic hives help save the world’s bees?

Tech Crunch
"Here’s a bummer of a statistic for you: Around 30% of bee colonies disappear every year."

The question arises — as it often does — whether people can help revive bee populations. Founded in 2018, Beewise offers a robotic solution. The Israeli startup created a box designed to sit outside and serve as a kind of automated apiary. The solar-powered enclosure monitors its beehives, offering climate control and automated harvesting. It’s designed to monitor for issues, including intrusive pets, while adjusting conditions inside to prevent swarming behaviors among its tenants.

The Best Inventions of 2020: A Refuge for Bees - Beewise BeeHome

Time Magazine
Not only do bees not die,” says Saar Safra, Beewise’s CEO. “They thrive.”

An astonishing 40% of bees die every year as a result of disease, pesticides and climate change—in part because busy commercial beekeepers miss warning signs. That’s where Beewise, an artificial-­intelligence-powered hive, comes in. Using precision robotics, computer vision and AI, a BeeHome ... monitors the insects 24/7.