2024 Almond Pollination Season "Wrapped"

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Almond pollination season in California is arguably the largest single agricultural event in the world. Each year, more than 2.5 million bee colonies arrive from all over the US, all at the same time, as growers work to ensure that their orchards receive adequate pollination for a successful crop yield. 

Almonds & Bees

image 33 (4)With no bees, we would have no almonds. During each year's almond bloom, honey bees fly from tree to tree, foraging for pollen and nectar, and pollinate the almond blossoms along the way. Each pollinated flower then grows into an almond by harvest time. 

Growers are well aware of just how critical bees are to their success. Our customers tell us that bees are their second largest expense, after water, equaling approximately 20% of their total growing costs each year. Low quality bees that aren’t effective pollinators can have devastating consequences on growers. 

That’s why California almond pollination is an event we are obsessive about and prepare for all year. In the months leading up to the middle of February, we are ensuring our robotic BeeHomes are ready to be deployed on time and the bees in our BeeHomes are healthy and receiving optimal care. 

Our Biggest Season Yet

During 2023-2024, we are proud to share we have pollinated on our largest scale to date:

  • 250K Hives placed in the US
  • 1,000 New BeeHome 4 models deployed in the field
  • 150K+ Acres pollinated 
  • 150 Employees working across 4 countries, US, Mexico, Poland, and Israel, to make it all happen
  • 60+ Researchers and engineers on our team making sure each BeeHome meets our high standards 
  • 27,000 Frames were remotely counted, scanned, and analyzed with the BeeHome’s robotic arm and accompanying software during just 1 month of almond pollination
  • 13.68 M Bees estimated saved during 2023 - 2024 pollination season, that would have died in traditional wooden hives

Get Involved

At Beewise, our mission is to save bees to feed the world. As 2024 continues, we look forward to partnering with more growers and beekeepers to build a future together where bees thrive. Whether you are a beekeeper looking to improve the health of your hives, a grower looking to secure superior pollination powered by robotics & AI, or an organization looking to explore a bee-related sustainability initiative, contact us today. 


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